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Be a legend with Mike Tyson Coin

Celebrate the legacy of Iron Mike and join the global community of fans and collectors.

How to get your Mike Tyson Coin?

1. Choose your fan package from Fan/Big Fan/Legend

2. Decide which cryptocurrency you want to pay for Coin

3. Take the address and transfer the crypto to one of these wallets:
SOL – 43xBPhQj3ZsV31uJkLmdgchoSd9nvUhVWAf3oNwFJ33u
BNB – 0x4ECA362Ddb227337Ce51A0ddC813854a4B1Ba6dD
BTC – bc1qfzyu0v5dtt3xaw2twtc0gxcgka5dgu9lm0g855
ETH – 0x4ECA362Ddb227337Ce51A0ddC813854a4B1Ba6dD
MATIC – 0x4ECA362Ddb227337Ce51A0ddC813854a4B1Ba6dD
LTC – ltc1q72mue49z2pw4n0ga3qzn8jpnquthtxweh4gh5y

4. Make a screenshot of the payment and send it to email: to get the full information how to get your Mike Tyson Coins. 

Mike Tyson Coin

Mike Tyson Coin (MTC) is a unique cryptocurrency on the Solana blockchain, created to honor the legendary boxing career of Iron Mike Tyson. MTT is designed for fans, collectors, and boxing enthusiasts, offering a digital tribute to one of the greatest boxers in history. With a limited supply, MTT aims to be a valuable asset, providing exclusive opportunities and benefits for its holders. As Mike Tyson prepares for his next highly anticipated fight against Jake Paul, MTT captures the excitement and legacy of this iconic figure, inviting fans worldwide to be part of this historic journey.